JPC – Specialists in nonpartisan MENA analysis.

With the prevailing narrative concerning MENA as it is understood by both public officials as well as the general public, the Jasmine Planet Consortium argues that current approaches to counter-extremism and violence are being misdirected.

Misreading of history and geopolitics has led to the increase of unnecessary conflicts – both intellectual as well as physical, both on a global front as well as domestically in the United States, where partisan divide is reaching dangerous historical levels.

Countering these policies and narratives, the Jasmine Planet Consortium is composed of three arenas which work together in order to reduce these conflicts – Analysis, Lecturing, and Media.  

Pulling together a diverse consortium of real-world analysts from across the MENA region, JPC offers rare insights not offered by major media outlets and partisan think tanks. Our analysts provide non-partisan assessments of the challenges facing the globe as well as explanations for the organizations which seek a clearer understanding of an increasingly murky global picture.

Available for professional consulting to both private and public firms/organization, the Jasmine Planet Consortium offers fee-based public lectures for those who seek to understand the nature of these conflicts as well as the nature of and role of religion in the region of the Middle East.

With 35 years of combined experience, JPC offers a specialized wing of media production for those seeking to counter the narrative which many extremist organizations have mastered. Current anti-extremist narratives are sorely lacking in their ability to counter the false histories put forth by extremists. JPC is uniquely qualified in its background in documentary and counter-propaganda campaigns

(Due to the nature of the Jasmine Planet’s Consortium, analysts and media specialists’ identities are private)